Our Story

How it all began

We live in a city that is statistically one of the most overweight in the country. We have more gyms than you can poke a stick at, an abundance of parks, beaches and rivers and one of the best climates in the world. So why, in a city that boasts so much potential for people to live healthy active lives, are we falling so far short?

While this is a complex question to answer and there are many contributing factors, there are some certainties. This is a personal story, but one that sadly is being repeatedly told around this great country every day. No matter where you live, we have a major problem on our hands.

People need educating! They need to be equipped with the information and skills to make the changes needed in their lives. We can have all the gyms in the world but if we don’t exercise or understand the role of nutrition we’re fighting a losing battle.

With all this in mind, in 2015 Promise Nutrition was born!

So who are we?

I am a husband, athlete and passionate health foodie. In 2014, I married my beautiful wife Sarah, who is a healthcare professional and shares this same passion for health and nutrition. We started Promise Nutrition to educate and equip people just like you with the information and natural products needed to live a happier healthier life.

Together we wanted to start a business that would be renowned for its honesty and integrity; a business that embraces transparency and the right that you have to know what’s really going into your body. From the word go, we knew we were going to be different - there would be nothing artificial, no chemicals, just pure natural ingredients.

But this is only half the story... Discover Promise Love!

From the word go, we knew we were going to be different - there would be nothing artificial, no chemicals, just pure natural ingredients.

Alistair & Sarah - Founders

Our Promise

If you care about your health, fitness and what goes into your body then Promise Nutrition is the name you can trust! All Promise Nutrition products have been specifically formulated to contain only the finest quality, natural ingredients without the use of anything artificial.

Vision & Mission

Our vision and mission is shaped by our belief in God. We believe that God has created a world full of amazingly nutritious food for our benefit and ultimately it is our responsibility to make wise decisions about our physical and spiritual wellbeing. We also believe the Bible gives clear instruction on how we should live and treat others and this is with love, honesty and respect.

Vision: Promise Nutrition strives to be a shining light in the health and supplement industry by providing high quality natural products with total transparency. Our desire is to be renowned for valuing consumer health & wellbeing and delivering on our promises.

Mission: Promise Nutrition’s mission is to create premium quality health food products that truly nourish you. In a society which has normalised the use of chemicals, artificial flavours, preservatives and sweeteners, our promise is to embrace natural ingredients of superior quality to enrich your health and wellbeing!

Our Focus for the Future

As we look to the future, one of our top priorities is to equip individuals with the knowledge and understanding to make wise decisions regarding their health and fitness. Promise Nutrition will be continuing to produce premium quality natural products to give you just what your body needs. So keep an eye out, we are already hard at work developing fresh new products.

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