Lose Weight

An extremely effective key to weight loss and healthy weight management is eliminating sugar and carbohydrates from our diets (particularly refined sugar and carbohydrates). They should predominantly be replaced with fresh raw produce, protein and healthy fats. The role Promise Nutrition plays in this weight loss process is quite simple.

Promise Nutrition gives you a convenient nutritious protein boost without unwanted sugar and carbohydrates. Protein has the added benefit of keeping you fuller for longer, deterring unwanted hunger cravings.

Promise Nutrition’s protein blends are also exclusively flavoured with 100% natural wholefoods. These wholefoods boost your energy levels and enhance immune system function, allowing you to tackle your weight loss goals head on!

Exercise - Lose WeightExercise - Lose Weight


Protein also repairs and builds muscle. Why is this important? The more muscle you have, the more energy you burn, even while you are sedentary. This is exactly why we recommend incorporating resistance training into any weight loss program. Protein is vital for muscle development, and muscle development is vital for long term weight loss success. 


Exercise - Lose Weight