Build Muscle

Without muscle, we would all be reduced to a motionless collection of body parts. This is why it is vital to maintain our body’s muscle mass through regular exercise and nutrition. When it comes to nutrition at a basic level, protein acts as the building blocks of muscle.

Build Muscle / Tone Up

Whether you are a professional footballer, crossfitter or simply do pilates on your lounge room floor, your body will require more protein than the inactive you. Every time you exercise, there are varying levels of muscle breakdown in your body. After exercise, these muscles must rebuild and repair, and to do this, they need protein. 

Ensuring our bodies have the fuel they need to recover after exercise is as important as the exercise itself! Promise Nutrition’s fast absorbing WPI doesn’t just boast great protein content but each flavour is a nutritious blend of wholefoods.

This is exactly why we hear so much about ‘post-exercise nutrition’ (see "Feeling Tired and Run Down?"). So, get the most out of your active lifestyle by fueling your body with Promise Nutrition!