Balance Your Diet

As we said previously, some people have sufficient amounts of protein in their diet. However, for many others, protein deficiency can be a real problem.

People of all ages fall into this category, however, we often find it’s the older generation that have inadequate amounts of protein in their diet. Other individuals at risk of protein deficiency include those with a vegetarian or vegan diet, those who simply don’t have a well balanced diet and those with higher protein requirements.

First and foremost, we recommend sourcing protein from natural wholefoods such as lean meat, free-range eggs, chickpeas...

Healthy Lifestyle - Carrot Chickpea Fritters & Garden SaladHealthy Lifestyle - Carrot Chickpea Fritters & Garden Salad

Subsequent to this, Promise Nutrition protein powders can be a convenient addition to help boost your protein intake; especially in times when you don’t feel like cooking a high protein meal i.e. straight after a workout.

There are very few protein powders on the market today that are exclusively flavoured with wholefoods (no ‘natural’ or artificial flavours – they are one and the same in our minds)! While flavouring with wholefoods is significantly more expensive, the quality is unmatched and leaves our products tasting great and having an abundance of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Promise Nutrition Organic Cacao and Berry Bliss WPI provide iron and 53% RDI of vitamin C respectively thus boosting energy levels and immune system function!

Promise Nutrition prides itself in using real ingredients of superior quality. So remember, whatever you're eating or drinking, keep it real!

Promise Nutriton - Berry Bliss Whey Protein Isolate