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It would be very easy for us to just sing the praises of protein supplementation and not give you the full story. The fact is, not everyone needs more protein. Some people have a wonderful well balanced diet from which they source adequate amounts of protein. There are however, many people who require greater amounts of protein.

This often includes individuals that have:

  • Active lifestyles
  • Weight loss goals
  • Diets lacking in protein 


Exercise - Lose WeightExercise - Lose Weight  

Build Muscle / Tone Up

Without muscle, we would all be reduced to a motionless collection of body parts. This is why it is vital to maintain our body’s muscle mass through regular exercise and nutrition. When it comes to nutrition at a basic level, protein acts as the building blocks of muscle. Read more...


Lose Weight / Maintain a Healthy Weight

An extremely effective key to weight loss and healthy weight management is eliminating sugar and carbohydrates from our diets (particularly refined sugar and carbohydrates). They should predominantly be replaced with fresh raw produce, protein and healthy fats. The role Promise Nutrition plays in this weight loss process is quite simple. Read more...
  Exercise - Lose Weight



Balanced Diet - Healthy Eating Fresh Food  

Balance your diet

As we said previously, some people have sufficient amounts of protein in their diet. However, for many others, protein deficiency can be a real problem. Read more...