Forever Changed.

In December 2017, we had the pleasure of relieving the ‘house mum’ at Lomani Au Children’s Home in Fiji. We were prepared to spend the month loving and caring for the children but nothing could have prepared us for the tragic stories they shared. Stories that were indeed their LIFE stories.

Promise Nutrition 2017 - Lomani Au Children's Home

One night I [Sarah] lay in bed with tears flowing down my face, full of heartache from knowing what they’d been through but also full of hope and thankfulness for Lomani Au.

These children deserve to be so loved and that is exactly what they are at Lomani Au… Loved. Valued. Appreciated. Cared for. Supported. Encouraged.

Sarah (Promise Nutrition Co-founder)

 “The English translation of Lomani Au is “I am loved” or "somebody loves me”, but in the Fijian culture the meaning is much deeper, often being referred to in hymns as a very special and unconditional love, an unselfish love that gives without seeking anything in return. We are passionate about ensuring every child who is placed in our care experiences “lomani au”.” Lomani Au Children's Home Directors

Lomani Au Childrens Home

Since the inception of Promise Nutrition it has been our desire to support charities and causes around the world through our Promise Love initiative. This is something we are very passionate about and we have loved seeing the Promise Nutrition community get on board. That said - It’s fair to say we returned from our trip with a whole new take on life and it’s time for things to change...

Henceforth, we have committed to donating at least
10% of profit to Lomani Au Children’s Home.

We couldn’t be happier to support the vision of Lomani Au Children’s Home to provide a safe and secure loving home environment - a place of health, healing, hope and laughter.

Alistair & Sarah (Promise Nutrition Co-founders)

Thank you for supporting Promise Nutrition, Promise Love and in turn Lomani Au Children’s Home.


Alistair and Sarah

Promise Nutrition Co-founders

Promise Nutrition - Lomani Au Childrens Home - Playground

For more information on Lomani Au Children's Home simply visit

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