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It’s no wonder the ancient Mayans referred to chia seeds as super seeds! Chia seeds are packed with protein, omega 3-6-9, fibre, antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, iron and much more.

Chia seeds are digested slowly, leaving you feeling fuller for longer. Combined with their high fibre content, they will provide you with sustained energy and steady blood sugar levels.

This makes them ideal for anyone wanting to reduce body fat or maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle (pretty sure that’s all of us!).

Thanks to their calcium and magnesium content they may also help you to have strong bones and a healthy nervous system!

That’s right, this nutritious superfood will contribute to:

Increased satiety
Sustained energy levels
Strong bones and healthy nervous system

 Promise Nutrition - Organic Peruvian Chia Seeds - Golden Granola

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