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Organic Cacao WPI

Organic Cacao WPI
Chocolate Lovers Dream Protein


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Promise Nutrition Organic Cacao WPI adds a nutrient rich, smooth chocolate flavour to any smoothie, dessert or recipe that takes your fancy.

Organic Cacao is the perfect superfood that provides the premium chocolate flavour that we all know and love. Combine it with the finest quality Whey Protein Isolate and what you get is a delicious protein blend to fuel your health and fitness goals.



Grass fed whey protein isolate, organic raw cacao, organic stevia.


Grass fed New Zealand Whey Protein Isolate (WPI)

New Zealand WPI is widely regarded as one of the most pure WPI’s in the world. Our WPI comes directly from grass fed cows that have access to New Zealand’s pristine pastures all year round. WPI is rapidly digested and absorbed into the blood stream giving muscles the much needed nutritional benefits fast! This makes it the perfect ingredient for pre and post workout nutrition. WPI is also very low in fat, carbohydrates and lactose, ideal for anyone wanting to reduce their overall body fat.

  • Build Muscle
  • Manage your weight
  • Boost your Immune System
  • Rich in amino acids



Organic Cacao

Promise Nutrition’s unroasted organic cacao originates from the highly sought after “Criollo” cacao beans. These rare Peruvian beans make up only a fraction of the world wide cacao production. Traditional cocoa processing methods can reach temperatures greater than 150°C and often destroys much of the nutritional content. Our cacao reaches a maximum temperature of 40°C ensuring heat sensitive vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are retained. In its raw state cacao boasts the highest levels of antioxidants known of any food and is a rich source of magnesium which is known to relax muscles and relieve stress.

  • Cold pressed, unroasted & unalkalised
  • Australian certified organic
  • ORAC value of 95,000
  • Fair Trade



Organic Stevia

Stevia is a natural plant based sweetener which has been used for centuries by native South Americans and has since become increasingly popular worldwide. Stevia is low GI and has zero carbohydrates and calories, making it the ideal sweetener for anyone who wants to reduce their sugar intake and avoid artificial sweeteners.

  • Sugar Free
  • Natural sweetener
  • Zero carbohydrates


1. We Don’t Just Promise Nutrition... we PROMISE LOVE

When we created Promise Nutrition we combined two of our biggest passions! Firstly, we want to genuinely improve people’s health through proper nutrition and secondly, help those in need by giving away $1000 every 88 days.

Promise Nutrition allows you to not only improve your own health, but in doing so, improve the lives of countless people around the world.


2. Superior Ingredients... Superior Products

What sets us apart is our ingredients! Whether it’s our fairtrade raw organic cacao from the ‘Criollo’ trees in the Amazon or our whey protein produced from grass fed dairy cows in New Zealand, we source only the finest quality ingredients from around the world.

So many of the so called ‘natural’ products currently on the market use 'natural' flavours or flavours... which are far from natural and have no nutritional benefits. This is something we are very passionate about avoiding.

Our motto is simple, real ingredients give real results!


3. Total Transparency

We are proud of our ingredients and the way we do business. We are always happy to answer any questions you might have - openly and honestly!

Over the past few years we have scrutinised many of the natural products on the market in Australia and overseas. Unfortunately, we’ve found that even companies using real ingredients are often still deceptive in their marketing which goes against our belief in being completely honesty and transparent. For example:

  • Some companies show the protein/amino acid content of the flavoured proteins as being the same as the unflavoured which is obviously incorrect, and
  • State nutritional benefits based on using their product with milk without stating so

These are simple examples but nonetheless have an impact on the real and perceived benefits of the products being sold.


4. Australian Family Owned – Your Support Makes a Lasting Difference

When you support Promise Nutrition you’re supporting an Australian family, Australian jobs, Australian manufacturing and last but certainly not least people all around the world through Promise Love donations.

“I've tried both flavours and loved them, I especially loved that I could mix with lactose free milk and not have any problems at all. It's a quick, filling and healthy breakfast for me.”

Vanessa, 5 STAR


“Both products taste great! You can really tell the difference - promise nutrition uses pure, quality ingredients in their blends. I was delighted to find that there's no stevia aftertaste!!! Yay!”

Samantha, 5 STAR


"Love the Organic Cacao flavour, mixes really easy and has a smooth texture. Awesome stuff, will definitely be coming back for more!!"

Lachlan, 5 STAR

"I have had many other protein supplements and many of the natural ones don't always seem to be fantastic...they're either too sweet or the flavours are not great. Promise protein powders have great flavour plus they're all natural... and they still taste good even with just water."

David, 5 STAR


"Great product and even better to know and trust exactly what's in it. I will happily continue to buy from Promise Nutrition, especially knowing they are using some of my money to generously support a number of great charities!"

Cynthia, 5 STAR

"Love the flavours (especially Organic Cacao) and love the community behind Promise Nutrition. Being able to change lives as well as your own is a really great concept! The recipes are also a big help. Big thumbs up!"

Ben, 5 STAR


"I love Promise Nutrition’s Organic Cacao WPI... It’s got a great chocolate flavour and most importantly good ingredients! I even put it on my cereal."

Lyn, 5 STAR


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